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If you are using timesheets, ELD’s, or nothing at all in the hopes that the DOT never notices, you’re not a “trucking company” but you operate with a DOT number, or you think you’re tracking your HOS correctly, but you’re unsure on a few of the rules, this course is for you!

  • Learn the details and specific examples of HOS Rules. If you're not a "trucking company" but you operate with a DOT number, understanding these rules even when you may qualify for exemptions is key!

  • Eliminate needless HOS violations, and reduce DOT fines on the road and during audit. Hours of service rules can be tricky, even an hour mistake could be a violation. 

  • Understand how to log HOS the right way no matter if you use logbooks, ELD’s, or timesheets. This course shows you different ways to log off-duty, and on-duty times to stay in regulation.

Important Update!

As of September 29th, 2020, the Hours of Service Rules are changing. This course does not reflect those new changes. Here is an article explaining those changes to use in conjunction with this course.

HOS Rules Can Be Tricky

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