Do You Want To Become a DOT Compliance Expert?

Learn the in's and out's of all things FMCSA.

Managing a quality safety program isn't just about DOT Compliance. It's also about having the policies, structure, and team in place to ensure that you are putting out the best drivers and fleet on the road. This course not only teaches you everything you need to know about the regulation side of things, but gives you a step by step process on how to become compliant with the regulations while building your DOT Safety Program at the same time. All forms, policies templates, helpful documents and resources are included in this course. It also includes the guidelines for you to follow every step of the way!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to the FMCSA

    • Welcome to DOT Compliance 101

    • Introduction to the FMCSA

  • 2

    Intro to the DOT Downloads

    • Chapter 1 Checklist

    • Intro to FMCSA - Presentation Slides

    • E-Book

  • 3

    6 DOT Audit Factors

    • 6 Audit Factors

    • Chapter 2 Checklist

    • 6 Audit Factors - Presentation Slides

    • Investigator Training Handbook

    • Audit Ready Binder Materials

  • 4

    CDL's & Endorsements

    • CDL's - Endorsements

    • Chapter 3 Checklist

    • CDL's & Endorsements - Presentation Slides

    • Class Materials

  • 5

    DQ Files, Hiring & Common Mistakes

    • Driver Qualification Files & Hiring

    • Chapter 4 Checklist

    • DQ Files, Hiring, Common Mistakes - Presentation Slides

    • Driver Qualification Files & Forms

  • 6


    • Accidents

    • Chapter 5 Checklist

    • Accidents - Presentation Slides

    • Post Accident D&A Testing Criteria

    • Accident Forms & Templates

  • 7

    Hours of Service Rules

    • Hours of Service

    • Chapter 6 Checklist

    • Hours of Service Rules - General - Presentation Slides

  • 8


    • ELD Training

    • Chapter 7 Checklist

    • ELD's - Presentation Slides

  • 9

    Oilfield Exemptions

    • Oilfield Exemptions

    • Chapter 8 Checklist

    • Oilfield Exemptions

  • 10

    Short Haul Exemptions

    • Short Haul Exemptions

    • Chapter 9 Checklist

    • Short Haul Exemptions

  • 11

    Vehicle Maintenance

    • Vehicle Maintenance

    • Chapter 10 Checklist

    • Vehicle Maintenance - Presentation Slides

    • Vehicle Maintenance Files

  • 12

    Supervisor D&A Reasonable Suspicion Training

    • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

    • Chapter 11 Checklist

    • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion D&A Training

    • Alcohol & Your Health Poster for drivers

    • Free Training Resource Guide

    • Employee Testing Instructions

    • Reasonable Suspicion Documents

    • Guidelines for Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • 13

    New Hours of Service Regulations

    • New Hours of Service Regulations

  • 14

    Additional Downloads And Resources

    • Additional Resources & Policy Templates

Our Goals for You

  • Build a 5-Star Safety Program

    We want you to be able to celebrate your safety program, and have confidence in your day-to-day operations. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to the DOT. By participating in our online training and implementing the information, you will be sure that your safety program rocks!

  • Say Goodbye to DOT Fines

    With our online training you will learn how to operate your company smoothly and safely. When you put safety first, you have a lesser chance of being chosen for a compliance review. If you were to be investigated, you would know just what to do to avoid being stuck with those fines.

  • Excel in DOT Compliance Knowledge

    We want you to know everything there is to know about the DOT. Learn from a veteran DOT compliance expert's mistakes so that you don't have to make them. Learn the in's and outs with our training to ensure that you will ace your next DOT Investigation.

Revamp Your DOT Safety Program

This step-by-step guide will provide all the resources you need in order to build up your safety program in one month's time.