Is this course for you?

If you're looking to increase your safety rating, and learn how to properly manage your documents in preparation for an audit, this course if for you! By doing things the right way you will decrease or even eliminate potential fines.

  • Learn how to prepare for a compliance review with the 6 Audit Factors. All safety managers should know the basics for all things that investigators look for during an audit. If you are unaware of the documents that should be prepared, this course shows you step-by-step what you should have ready.

  • Decrease potential fines by implementing each factor into your company. Without knowing what the FMCSA looks for during an audit, you will likely make mistakes. Not only will your safety rating go down, but you could incur thousands in fines.

  • Save yourself some stress by doing things the right way. Falsifying documents will get you nowhere. Learn how to implement each factor into your day-to-day operations so you're prepared when audit time comes around. 

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